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We are here to photograph and film your wedding day, capturing the atmosphere and emotions of your big day!
Special offer for the 'I do' couples:
with any photography or videography package you choose, you will get a FREE drone coverage of your wedding day! How does it sound?

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Wedding photography with drone coverage

Having drone photography coverage allows to capture unique and beautiful photographs from your wedding day. It adds additional dimension in traditional wedding photography. Explore our portfolio with wedding pictures of our amazing couples, both taken from the land and from the air. 

Wedding films with drone coverage

We love shooting videos – they compliment photography and memorise the wedding day in a different, more dynamic way. Filming the bird’ view of the venue and the couple looks amazing and adding them to the main wedding film makes it looking stunning and very different. Here are just a couple of examples of our wedding film trailers to show how the drone coverage makes the difference. 

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