Do You Need to Have an Engagement Photo Shoot?

Capture Precious Moments

Since you are engaged, now you would be planning the details for your big day, from invites and flowers to music and wedding photographers. With all these things clouding your mind, overlooking the engagement photo shoot is a common mistake performed by couples to be wed. Your engagement ceremony is something that is filled with love, joy and anticipation and capturing this event of your life can be as thrilling as capturing the moments of your big day.

Engagement Photo Shoot

There are several benefits of having an engagement photo shoot (commonly known as an e-shoot). Below are few reasons why you should not pass the opportunity of having the pre-wedding shoot.

Capture Precious Moments That Cannot be Relived

As time passes and you get closer to the wedding day, you find yourself getting busy with different things. So your engagement is an ideal time for an e-shoot. Since the vision of your future and beautiful moment of the proposal would still be fresh in your mind, that emotion would be clearly captured in your photos.

Kissing Moments

Obviously you will have photos on your big day, but this is going to be different! Your wedding is an event that you plan to celebrate with friends and family, but this e-shoot is specifically all about YOU! Your big day would be flashed before your eyes, whereas your engagement shoot would be slow paced and will allow you to soak in the time that the two of you had together. Capturing those moments between you two would be a unique opportunity and you would be glad to have a look at your photos as you age together. It would also be great to have some fabulous photos of you when you’re not in wedding tuxedo or gown, as they are not exactly our everyday outfit.

Unique wedding photoshot

An Opportunity to Let Lose and Get Creative

You have a chance to take some truly rare photos of you and your soul mate, the ones that are unique from any of those that you have had before. Start with the place and pick a location that means a lot to you both so that you can reminiscence the old memories. It can be where you met (maybe your school or university), a first date or the place where you got engaged.

Happy engagement moments

Be creative! You can bring some props like scrabble junkies or you can also come up with a theme. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s colourful and imaginative so that it truly remains memorable.

You can display a slide show for your guests before the wedding ceremony in which you can include your engagement photographs as well.

Your Photos Can be Pretty Useful

Talking about creativity, your pictures would not be limited to the confines of a photo frame. You can use your engagement pictures in many crafty ways. Use them for photo invitations, table indictors, reception seating charts, save-the-date cards, guest books or wedding programmes.

Practice for the Wedding Day

There is a possibility that you might not have your pictures taken by a professional photographer before. On your big day, you would be surrounded by many cameras, not just the one that you have hired. It does not matter if you are a photogenic or a camera shy person, the engagement shoot will help you in building comfort and confidence in front of the camera.

Pre-wedding photos

Getting to Know your Wedding Photographer

It is good to let your wedding photographer know you, but it is essential that you get to know HIM/HER. Get to know the taste of their shooting style and learn how they can guide you. It will be similar to what he/she would be guiding you on your wedding day so this would help you in knowing what to expect beforehand.



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