Newborn Photography Derby

WHY? Your baby will only be newborn once, for a very short period. Babies grow quickly and before you know your newborn baby will grow out of the first body suit, will start crawling and sitting. A newborn photoshoot is an excellent opportunity to memorize your little baby’s appearance in the first days of his or her life.

WHEN? Your newborn must be photographed within the first two weeks of his or her life (preferable between 5 and 10 days); in this age your baby is very sleepy, tiny and cute, and would allow me to pose him or her well without much of complaints. While your baby is asleep, we can put cute hats, head bands, tiny shorts or skirts, wrap in soft fabrics (all provided by me) and so on to make the pictures admirable and beautiful.

WHAT IS SHOOT LIKE? I am a newborn photographer with experience, based in Derby. I have wide range of accessories, cute little things and nice fabrics and I will prepare everything before you come to my mini studio located in Derby. The shoot normally takes up to 3 hours. The best time to schedule the shoot is about 11am. Obviously, during the shoot you can feed the baby etc when needed. More details will be discussed before the shoot.

WHEN TO BOOK? The best time to indicate your interest is while you are still pregnant, when you reach 30-35 weeks. It may sound quite early but in fact it’s not. I can do only limited number of shoots per month. It’s better to secure your place for the shoot in advance to avoid disappointment. Also the last few weeks of your pregnancy and after the birth you will have to think and worry about lots of things. However, if you book the photo session in advance and then just call me when the baby is born to arrange a date, the only thing you will need to do is to come to my mini studio in Derby – I will do the rest. To book a newborn shoot please fill the Book a Newborn Shoot form or simply call or email me.

AND FINALLY… I understand how busy and concerned you may be during the next two weeks after your precious baby is born. I’ve been through it and managed to photograph my little boy when he was 7 days old. It wasn’t very easy for me because I had to do everything by myself. But I’m so happy that I did this shoot for him. My son is absolutely different now. He changes every week. But we love to look through those pictures again and again. And it’s nice to decorate a baby’s room. Our family loves these pictures as well and grandparents have beautiful presents. Think about your three hours effort to come and the photographs and memories that you will get for the rest of your life. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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