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Destination wedding photographers Italy – Photos of Sian and Rob

I’m very excited to share these destination wedding photographs from Italy!

For those who didn’t know, yes, we are destination wedding photographers Italy, France, Spain, in Europe in general and even further afield 🙂 I love photograph destination weddings! I think the atmosphere is more relaxed and more romantic on the sea side. The weather is always nice and warm.


Here are destination wedding pictures of Sian and Rob. Their ceremony was organised in a beautiful town called Polignano-a-Mare. The ceremony was held in Puglia church in the heart of the old town. The church had balcony and I did take some pictures from there, I was happy because the view from the balcony was just fabulous!

The reception for Sian and Rob’s wedding was in Grotta Palazzese restaurant, a unique restaurant locate in the cave! If you travel to Italy and plan to visit this area around Bari, you have to stay at least one night in Polignano-a-Mare with a lovely beach area and certainly visit Grotta Palazzese! You can see from our photographs below and how beautiful this place is. And food was absolutely delicious!

As I said the wedding day was very relaxed. We started photograph Groom preparations first. The hotel room was tiny so we decided to go outside. And it was right decision, we had lots of fun with guys. Then we walked to the Bride’s hotel where rooms were much bigger and of course with amazing sea view. As the church was just 10 minutes walk from the hotel Sian decided to walk there with her bridal party (yes, WALK). And it was good decision – we had fun on the way. All cars were stopping to see such a stunning bride! After the ceremony we took some beautiful photographs on the way to the restaurant and then spent the rest of the evening in Grotta Palazzese, capturing all this laugh, smiles, hugs, kids, running around, lovely music and food.

Thanks a lot guys for this amazing memories which came to my mind when I was looking through your wedding photographs this cold winter day. Love my job!

Are you thinking to organise your wedding in Italy or somewhere else? Call me! I’d love to help you and of course to photograph too!

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