Tips on How to Organise Rustic Chic Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in the UK!

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There is always something unique and special about organising an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony. For instance, the breathtaking beauty of an ocean shore, stunning botanical garden or familiarity of your childhood backyard where you have grown up are all great options to host an outdoor wedding. But no matter how amazing these venues are, you always need a huge amount of effort to organise an alfresco celebration. You can follow these tips to pull off a rustic chic outdoor wedding ceremony in UK.

Choose the Right Location for Outdoor Wedding Ceremony:

Breadsall priory wedding shoot October

You need to select an ideal wedding venue regardless of it beingbesides the seashore, in a deserted area or a rich mountainside. While discovering your favourite choices, it is also essential to consider the negatives as much as the positives. You need question the suitability and accessibilityof your venue. You might want to consider questions such as is your venue accessible for your guests? Will the weather be windy? What will the cost be of bringing everything that you need for your wedding? Will the passer-by be able to easily walk near your venue? While choosing your venue, select a place, which is suitable for guests and also has the ambience that you want for your wedding. Make sure your vintage wedding photographer capture the essence of the day by taking lovely photographs of the outdoor location.

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Keeping a Plan B as a Backup:

We have seen many times that the weddings get spoiled because the organisers did not consider having a plan B for the wedding. You cannot predict the climate for your wedding day, there might be chances of a hailstorm or rain that can take place on your big day. Therefore, it is highly recommended be prepared if things don’t go according to your plan.A great option to consider is selecting a location that might have an indoor room where you can shift the entire wedding in case the weather becomes bad.You can decorate your indoor room with simple homemade jars or a vintage tea cups so that it still gives a taste of an outdoor wedding that you had dreamed of.

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Be the Ultimate Host:

You must ensure that your guests are comfortable. If the weather is too hot, make sure there are heaters and fans for them. If the weather is a bit chilly, you must ensure extra blankets and hand warmers are available for your guests.

Inform the Attire:

If you’re deciding to host your wedding in a garden, ask your guests to wear suits. Select an attire for your guests which is appropriate for the season so that they can feel comfortable at your wedding.

Get Beautiful Pictures:

You must keep the changing positions of the sun in your mind so that your wedding photographer can capture your “I do” and other moments without any interruption and your guests can also be entertained by the vows without squinting.

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Create ambience:

You can consider hanging lights or stringing lanterns near your dance floor. Place candles all over your venue so that it creates a great ambience for the guests.

Your outdoor vintage wedding photography can be inspired by the bold earthly and deep red tones. You can focus on highlighting how easily accessible delicious red apples or a rustic cake can be used to enhance a simple setup. You can transform the outdoor area into something unexpectedly amazing. Set up your outdoor wedding with long tables covering with a simple cake and delicious food items.

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Delicious food for guests

Choose a cook who has proper experience of cooking in outdoor weddings. Keep different options in your menu. Some guests might prefer having heavy dishes, whereas some would love to have just light bites. You can start your wedding in a very non-traditional style, with afternoon tea in the garden before the wedding ceremony.

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An outdoor wedding would be captured more stunningly by your wedding photographer.You can take helpfrom these tips to plan your rustic chic outdoor wedding ceremony.

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Venue: Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel & Country Club
Styling: Boelle Events
MUA: Makeup by Sophie Downing
Hairstyle: VM Hairdressing
Wedding Dresses: Baroque Couture
Flowers: The Greenery

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