Boho Coralation – Coral, Gold wedding shoot

As a photographer I work on a variety of different themed shoots. However, there are always some shoots that stick out in my mind. One perfect example of this was a Boho Coral, Gold wedding shoot that took place at Shottle Hall, Derbyshire. There are a number of reasons why this shoot will stay with me and why it has become one of my favourite ones to organize and work on.

The Venue

There is a wealth of beautiful venues up and down the country, and I am lucky, in the most part to be able to see plenty of these during my time working as a photographer. One thing that I know is incredibly important to couples is to get amazing photographs to keep and treasure from their special day. However, they may worry that they are going to be struck down with bad weather which may ruin their plans.
One of the best things about Shottle Hall is that not only there are some amazing outdoor locations where photos can be taken, but also, if the weather isn’t as kind as you hoped, there are plenty of stunning places to take photos indoors too.

The suppliers

When it comes to putting together a wedding photoshoot, one of the most important aspects has to be the suppliers. Suppliers are those who make a wedding photo shoot (and often help to bring a couple’s dreams to life when it comes to their wedding). I was so lucky to be able to bring together such talented suppliers.
It was fascinating to see how these amazing suppliers brought a fantastic array of ideas to life. I saw new ways to use balloons, silk ribbons and even wedding biscuits too. Which just goes to show how inspirational it can be from watching others.

The theme

The idea behind this Boho gold coral wedding shoot theme was, what I like to call, Coralation Boho. Coral, golds and greys mixed with the rustic charm that only Boho style can bring. It really was such a pleasure to capture images of the models in these styles.

Every aspect of the theme and look of this shoot was carefully tailored. The flowers were bold and eye-catching, which contrasted some of the more delicate and gentle touches that were a part of the look. The dresses were free-flowing and made from beautifully detailed, yet still simplistic materials which perfectly complemented the natural make-up style.

The hair was left loose and free, but there were small touches that really added texture and style, exactly what a boho bride is going to want to achieve.

Coral isn’t always a colour that many people would want to include in their wedding scheme, however, it is a colour that I truly love and believe can bring some beautiful depth too. I love the way the brightness of the coral was mixed with the luxury of gold within this particular shoot. It really was such a stunning colour combination to be able to showcase in the shoot, and when it is against the bright and wild nature of the flowers, it really did make for something special.

Thanks to all suppliers involved:

Wedding venue – Shottle Hall
Wedding Photography: Weddings
Venue stylist: Dylandco
Make up: Makeup by Sophie Downing
Hairtylist: Annette Gray Hair Artist
Cakes and other sweet details: Julia Florence Cake Design
Flowers: Funky Florists
Wedding dresses: MIMI TOKO
Hair accessories: Thomasina Brides
Silk: Laikstyle
Stationery: With love wedding stationery
Video: The Agnew Film Company

Models: Sarah Swift and Eve Connolly

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