Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography is a new service which we are happy to offer to our couples who choose Elen Studio Photography to photograph their wedding day.

Wedding Videography, or Wedding Films, is a new dimension in memorising your wedding day. It does not replace your wedding photographs, of course, but adds the action into your wedding day. The Film about You and Your Wedding Day will trigger those memories and emotions again.

We simply love shooting the Wedding Films. Here are the types of Wedding Films we offer.

The Highlights Film is a short dynamic film full of very important moments that happened during the day: mum kissing the bride, exchanging the rings, first kiss and first dance, laughs and smiles, you name it!

Ceremony and speeches are important parts of your wedding too, where, no doubt, you would like to hear what exactly was said. We can do full footage of the ceremony and of the speeches -nothing will be missed! The Ceremony and Speeches Film will remind you of those kind words and wishes your family and friends prepared for you.

The First Dance… How long you might have been preparing for it! Whether you’ve got something very special, or just a simple dance, it’s all about you, your emotions, youir song… The First Dance Film will reflect all that said above and keep those memories for you for years!

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