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Wedding Photography

Through our wedding photography we aim to capture atmosphere of your wedding day, your emotions, smiles, wedding decorations, hugs, flowers, you name it! This is your wedding day, and wedding photography by Elen Studio is there for you! Each wedding is unique, you won’t find any same wedding in our wedding blog posts, and yet our couples notice that we’ve got a unique photography style that distinguishes us from others. We see wedding photography and your wedding photographs as art, not just snaps.

Engagement Photography

On your wedding day we would like to come as a trusted professionals, rather than strangers. I think any couple would like too, as on your wedding day we are very often happen to be in the close and intimate circle of your friends and family. An engagement photoshoot is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know your wedding photographer a bit closer, to get more confident with the camera. For us, your photographers, it is equally important too to find out what kind of pictures of yourself you prefer, what kind of phtographs you expect on your wedding day etc. At our engagement portfolio page you can find a variety of engagement pictures of our beautiful couples before they get married. You may also want to browse through our selection of real engagement shoots in engagement posts, to see the variety of setups and styles.

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography, or Wedding Films, is a new dimension in memorising your wedding day. It does not replace your wedding photographs, of course, but adds the action into your wedding day. The Wedding Film is about You and Your Wedding Day will trigger those memories and emotions again. Whilst wedding films are mostly done as a reportage of your wedding day, we look at the wedding film through a prism of creativity, elegance, style. Read more about wedding videography by Elen Studio and browse through our wedding videography portfolio.

Photography Awards and Publications

Over 12+ years of their photography career, both Elena and Yury attended seminars and workshops by some of the top photographers, world leaders in the photography industry. Extra to that Elena has become a Licentiate at  Master Photographer Association, a qualifying body of professional photographers in the UK. Within that organisation, Elena has been recognised by the peers as a winner of awards in a number of categories in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Her work has been taken as front cover for a number of East Midlands wedding magazines. Some of her award winninbg photographs and magazines with photographs by Elen Studio can be found under the News section of our blog. Enjoy reading 🙂

Recent Blog Posts

Our blog contains a collection of real weddings and engagements, news and expert advise posts. Here are the shippets of the three most recent ones - but there is more!

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